Walk Workshop

The dog walk is the cornerstone of your relationship with your dog. Walking the dog should be something you look forward to doing and enjoyed by you and your dog.1454798_627643307277847_50495574_n

If you find yourself skipping this because it has become too difficult or embarrassing because your dog pulls you on his lead, lunges at other dogs, people, cyclists etc. then you need to enrol in the Walk Workshop.

This is a course of 4 lessons of 1 hour each that will teach you how to reconnect to your dog and have him walk nicely and calmly next to you on his loose lead.

Included in this you will be provided with a handmade dog lead and longe line suitable to this task. The Walk Workshop is priced at £250 and includes full email and telephone support during and after the workshop.

For other lesson costs and options please see my Fees page.

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