Below are some examples of training sessions I have undertaken. Please subscribe to my Youtube feed for more.

Here is the first day video of Chester a board and train Staffie. Just prior to this the dog was pulling his owner down the street. Here you see the dog working out that he needs to watch me to remain within the length of a longe line and avoid running out of line. Chester was used to running wherever he wanted to without regard to the handler, this resulted in the dog not being off-lead very often. Here you see Chester surprised by the end of the lead to begin with as I am not giving the dog any verbal instructions at this point so he can’t calculate my position or distance. As you can see from the video as we progress Chester begins to pay more attention and follow with a loose line.


Here is a dog that came for a board and train. Its main issues were pulling on the lead during walks and not recalling. Here is a training exercise in attentiveness. This video is of the dog after 1 week, training this early is conducted using a long line. As above the dog initially received no verbal instruction. You can see how after just one week the dog is following me very nicely.


Below is a two part video (before and after). This was the first session with this dog. The time between each video was around 10 minutes. Notice he is beginning to make the change from pulling to following. A work in progress, but I expect this to be much improved in 1 week or so with the owner practising.

Part 1


Here you can see after about 10 minutes of instruction that the dog is calmer and not pulling the owner around. She is now using the lead to “instruct” the dog on where they are walking and to follow rather than pull in front of her.

Part 2