Highly recommended !!!!

Having my first ever dog I seeked basic puppy training – him being Beagle I began to take notice of other people’s reaction “good luck, they are so naughty and hard to train” With Peters help he has turned into a lovely dog and I thought he was rather easy to train !

We don’t crate him anymore He doesn’t pull on the lead His recall is now amazing ! The neighbours complained that he barked when we were out and guess what .. He no longer barks either ! I can’t thank you enough Peter!

Charlotte Bourner, Eastbourne

IMAG0286Finally a training method that really does do what it says on the tin!

I Spoke to Peter quite by chance on another matter, and as we got talking about my hot headed 1 year old lab and his liking of legging it off to play with other dogs and losing all of his precious little focus towards me. Peter pointed me in the direction of a course he was sure would help. Peter explained the first week of the course for me to have a go at.

I am now 2 weeks in and have a changed dog, almost totally focused on where I am and what I’m doing, even choosing to get closer to me when he sees a distraction.

I would highly recommend Peter if you have issues with your dogs obedience and behaviour. I have been amazed after following his advice.

Thanks again Peter.

Mark Hutton, Bournemouth, Dorset

Sorry it’s taken me so long to send this email, it’s quite literally been non stop since I left yours yesterday.

I didn’t hear Chester whine once on the journey back, there was a little when he went to bed at night (which I couldn’t correct as he had no collar on) and he’s not really done it very much today. I can’t believe how low he has the collar, it’s amazing that he feels it at all! It’s on 3 and it works a treat.

I took him out into central london this evening whilst the cleaner was at mine keeping Mia company and we had a great time, he got distracted at times and needed a little pop on the lead and at one stage got fixated on a pigeon but he was so impressive. I kept stopping and he was sitting and this lady said she couldn’t believe how well trained he was and asked to pet him! :o)


Craig Murphy, Stratford, London

Hi Peter,

Hope you got back from USA safely & the trip was successful.

Three weeks on since we met for a two hour tutorial & I’m delighted to report that Lacey’s transformation has been really rewarding….the medium length lead is great,plus the collar,pulling much reduced,now off the lead responding to recall on familiar walks,putting her back on the medium lead when she gets overconfident,overexcited,walking on until she’s really settled again.

The crate was inspirational advice! Lacey tucks down into it under the work top as you suggested,with a biscuit at night without fuss,& I have no sound from her until I go down first thing,to be met  by a wriggling happy dog!

Barking is under control,really only letting rip when there is something there to make a noise about…fair enough in my book.

I had signed up for your 4 hour walk programme,but honestly don’t feel  I need to trouble you any more.I should like to keep the leads & collar which I bought under the original package.

Thanks again,& I will always re-contact you if I’m not coping with Lacey.

Best wishes,

Mary Nash-Wortham

Mary Nash-Worthanm, Eastbourne

photo1I took Chloe to the Vet today, as part of her distraction training and to get her weighed.

Normally she starts howling, lunging and generally acting crazy before we’ve even got in the building (I think the smell of other animals sets her off) but today I got her in and onto the scales in a very calm manner.

A Vet tech walked past and did a double take. ‘Wow’ she said, ‘she’s normally a hyperactive mess!’  She then went on to say her own dogs had been similarly bad, but now were on diazepam so they were manageable…

Jake Woodhouse, London

Hi Peter,

Training all going well – the awareness training on the long lead is going really well.

Walking going amazingly well – thank you.

Would be good to perhaps go for a little walk on Thursday – are you around that day at all.


Lorraine Woodford, East Dean

“Progress continues.

We have been out walking everyday with the collar, using it to control pulling, darting, barking, with good effect I think.
We have practised sitting in public places & ensuring Alfie is lying down. Again, this went well & for far longer than I would have ever expected!
We went to the pub and Alfie lay under the table while we ate.
We then got adventurous & went to a cafe on the sea front, again, it went surprisingly well!
Bless him, we think Alf is working very hard!

I have taken him in the car but with my daughter controlling him which I think worked well.

We think Alfie seems calmer at home now & in general. Funnily enough, no tail chasing since we saw you!

We will stick with the current plan of action until I see you again.”

Sue Courtney, Eastbourne, East Sussex

“Just took max on his first ‘training’ session with the new collar…oh my god, the first walk in 2 years where he hasn’t pulled. Amazing! Thank you Peter!”

Yvette Stainsby, Eastbourne, East Sussex

“Continuing ‘place’ command after Lizzie getting over excited about going out. Having remarkable effect on her. Waiting to see what happens when I put wellies on lol. Haven’t had time to try ‘ sit on the dog yet ‘thanks for that though.”

Tracy Field, Eastbourne

“Just got back from the park and after 3-4mins of making myself dizzy by walking round in circles he got it!!!!walked almost all the way round the park lake without him pulling,thank you very much for your time will be ditching the extenda lead and using the long line from now on!! Oh and on the walk i used touch praise thanks again”

Steve Wickenden