I mostly offer one-to-one sessions with people in their homes and their local parks, who want to train their family dog to be a good companion. I  also deal with particular problem behaviours to get the best out of the relationship with their dog.

You may find that you are having difficulty dealing with certain behaviours.

i.e. pulling on the lead / jumping up at people / excessive barking / running away / aggressive displays/ separation anxiety

Many times these symptoms are indicators of a requirement for a structured foundation of training. Once this has been established quite often the symptoms will disappear. The remaining ones if any can then be worked on specifically.

I can provide you with this foundation training that will give you the results you need as well as techniques for particular aspects of training and behaviour.

I also offer Board and Train programmes if you want me to train your dog for you over a period of 2 weeks to 10 weeks and provide the foundation training that your dog requires. I will then train you with “handover lessons” so you can follow through with the programme once your dog is home. You will also get “life-time” support for your dog should it require re-training in the future.

A board and train typically includes the following (dependant on time)

  • Structured walking of the dog on a loose lead, including auto-sits at gates, kerbs, thresholds in general
  • Stays
  • Place (a general stay ideal for use in home and whilst out in town – longer durations)
  • No jumping up
  • Polite behaviour when meeting people and dogs
  • Kennel training including crate / kennel training – useful for toilet training and for transporting dogs
  • Most importantly a good solid recall

This can be undertaken both on and off-lead for the dog depending on the amount of time your dog is with me and how quickly your dog learns.

If you have a specific problem and would like to ask a question, please feel free to Email me from the Contact Me page.