Meet Peter Cassidy

Hello, my name is Peter Cassidy, I live in Eastbourne, East Sussex. I have lived in Eastbourne for the last 16 years and enjoy walking my own dogs every day on the South Downs or local parks.

I love working with people and dogs on a one to one basis at their home and outside as I find this the most effective way of working out what’s needed for you to make a lasting connection with your dog and get the best out of your relationship.

I started training dogs some 25 years ago and also working with owners and their own dogs in group lessons.

I am continually updating my training, attending workshops both in the UK and overseas to learn new and different techniques from world renowed experts, including Tony Ancheta / Chad Mackin / Michael Ellis/ Martin Deeley / Marc Goldberg / Duke Ferguson / George Cockrill to name a few.

This allows me to approch each dog as a unique case by employing whichever skills fit the bill specifically for your dog.

Each dog is unique and therefore so is their training.  I am a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and adhere to a strict code of conduct.

Details of this can be found on their website