Place / Dog Beds

I have listed these beds because I personally use them for my dogs and not only are they sturdy but they offer good support for dogs whilst keeping them off the ground and out of draughts.

They are extremely useful for training the “Place command”. This is a very useful and versatile command which teaches the dog to relax on a place of your choosing, this can be at home, in the park, a cafe or the pub.









Small raised dog bed £26

Internal.               External.


H –          N/A.              20cm.
W–          55cm          57.5cm.
L –          71cm.            88cm.

Medium raised dog bed £36

Internal.               External.


H –           N/A.            20cm.
W–           65cm.       67.5cm.
L –           90cm.        107cm.

Large raised dog bed £42

Internal.               External.


H–             N/A.           20cm.
W –           80cm.     82.5cm.
L –            110cm.     130cm.

Extra Large raised dog bed £55

Internal.               External.

Ex Large.

H–             N/A.           23cm.
W –           94cm.     96.5cm.
L –            132cm.     152cm.